Growth Groups

At Unstick Your Mind we know that growth happens with time and support. Those you love might not know how to best support you during this time of transition. So we have collated a group of heartfelt facilitators to help guide and support you on your journey toward mindset mastery!

together is better

Find your community so you don’t journey alone. Join a small group of like-minded believers on the same path to progress. Once you enroll you get to pick a day, location, time slot or facilitator that best suits your needs.

Inside your cohort you will join 5-10 like-minded Christians for 12 weekly group accountability calls. 

You will connect and walk through the Unstick Your Mind program. Here you will discuss what it means to master your mindset so you can get unstuck to fulfill God’s purpose for your life and work.

The program features video training and workbook exercises you will find inside the member portal.

Your Facilitator will help guide you through the weekly prompts and the group provides support and accountability during your mindset journey.

After the 12 weeks you can choose to renew and continue with your group, or join another group of like-minded Christians on a mission. The key is to keep meeting regularly to keep the conversation going

Whether you join a group (meeting virtually or in-person), from your area, or with others from around the globe; we want you to find the community that you’ve been longing for.

Unstick Your Mind is a 12 week structured program. We work through the 12 module foundational masterclass training that is designed to be watched individually, and discussed collectively within the community of a small group.
If you’re passionate about connecting with like-minded Christians through honest conversations about topics relevant to Christianity, mindset, business, life, or leadership, then this is for you.
You get unlimited lifetime access to the course videos and tools to help you stay on track, and for continued connection, collaboration and confidence. 


MEET our facilitators

Carina Goodwin

Resides: Cape Town, South Africa.

Credentials: Certified Unstick Your Mind Facilitator, Healing Rooms Leader, Educational Teacher.

Passions: Women’s Ministry, Young Adults, Inner Healing, Prophetic.

Hobbies: Gardening, Painting, Fashion.

Dr. Beth reiners

Resides: Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Credentials: Clinical Psychologist, Professor at Liberty University, Certified Unstick Your Mind Facilitator

Passions: Women’s Ministry, Young Adults, Divorce Recovery.

Hobbies: Gardening, Reading.

Tamsin Wroot

Resides: York, England

Credentials: Certified Unstick Your Mind Facilitator. Church of England Lay Minister.

Passions: Young Adults, Prophetic, Women’s Ministry.

Hobbies: Travel, Fashion.

penny cruse

Resides: Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Credentials: Certified Unstick Your Mind Facilitator. University College Coordinator.

Passions: Young Adults, Prophetic, Women’s Ministry.

Hobbies: Reading, Prayer, Travel.

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