Are you ready to change your life by changing your mind?

Unlock the Keys to Develop Mindset Mastery

Welcome to the Unstick Your Mind mindset mastery method! Just like a personal trainer, this program will push you past your comfort zones to help you embrace new possibilities.

You’ll gain access to in-depth training, strategies, high-level coaching and an exclusive community that will help you to build the life of your dreams.

This training will equip you to uncover empowering breakthroughs to up-level your thinking, decision making and action taking.

The key is creating accountability and community to help you stay motivated and feel supported.

What You’ll Discover

In this program you will discover how to operate at your peak levels without pushing, even if you have been faking it for years.

You will discover how to move toward the best version of yourself in an elegant way.

You will learn how to dial into the power of your decision making, and harness your mental powers to create a new way of being that works for you, not against you.

You’ll learn how to work at optimum speed without the rush, unleash your creativity and lead from your highest level; without sacrificing your personal life.

The best part?

You’ll learn how to feel fulfilled and thrive even in the most challenging situations, without having to use force or willpower.

You’ll discover how to do what it takes to ensure you are an inspiration to your tribe.

You’ll gain confidence to step up to take control of your thoughts, circumstances and actions in a tailored and sophisticated way.

When you align yourself with God’s strength NOTHING is impossible!

The truth is...

The real reason why you get in your own way is not what you think.

It’s not about pretending to be something you’re not, or putting on masks, or building emotional walls.

It’s not about hyping yourself up to feel motivated and living on adrenalin to keep going.

It’s not some illusive productivity hack, time-management system, formula, clever strategy, or quick fix app or solution.

It’s not about being a copy-cat of the success models of others (which results in you suffering from imposter syndrome).

What I am about to share with you is not even intuitive (which is probably why it’s so easily misunderstood).

The solution, my friend, is about rewiring and resetting your brain.

This is why...

This is why those feelings of frustration have continued for years…

This is why you repeat bad habits and behaviors that keep you on a hamster wheel…

This is why your dreams seem out of reach…

This is why you feel like you’re living on the treadmill of expectations and can never get off…

This is why you’re driven to exhaustion and find it hard to relax…

This is why it feels like you’re emotions are a boomerang that brings you back to square one…

But, the time has come to end the overwhelm and finally getting unstuck!


The Unstick Your Mind program is created by Christian author and Mindset trainer, Mimika Cooney.The book of the same name “Unstick Your Mind: Shift Your Mindset, Develop grit & Break Barriers” is available on all bookstores.

Do you question why you have negative thoughts? Every problem in life starts with a thought. Often we get stuck in perpetual cycles of bad thought patterns that cause us to repeat behaviors, over and over again.

But what if there was another way? What if we could unlearn the limiting beliefs, thoughts and ingrained patterns we learnt from childhood? What if we could free our minds and become who ever we wanted to be? The good news is that you are not stuck with the brain you have!

You may think its is a pipe dream, but the reality is based on the concept of neuroplasticity. The brain is an amazing organ that is always learning.

Mindset is changing the way you think. You CAN learn new ways, new habits, and new success driven behaviors to finally achieve your goals.

Read this book for dealing with anxiety, and if you want to get over stress and anxiety. Come with me on a journey of self discovery and unlock the power of your mind! Discover what elite athletes, CEO’s and high achievers do to unlock their full potential. Once you learn how to shift your mindset and develop grit, you will be positioned to break through any barrier holding you back!

In this powerful book you will discover…
* How to recognize limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
* How to take control of runaway thoughts that derail you.
* How to reinvent your habits for better productivity.
* How to partner with God to unlock your true potential and purpose!

Why is the mind a mess?

The Bible talks about renewing your mind, and that verse provides a clue to the importance of your mind.

Everyone knows that athletes train their bodies to get fit to perform at a high level.

Many of us have tried diets, exercise plans and to do lists; but ultimately they don’t last without one key ingredient.

The sad truth is that we put so much emphasis on physical health that our mind is often neglected.

Each person is made up of body, spirit and soul (which is the mind, will and emotions). People understand the body, but often neglect the mind and the soul.

We’ve seen an explosion of mental health issues today, why is that? Can we blame social media? Maybe life became more intense, the pace faster, and we have easy access to everything? 

What people do know is that if you physically eat too much and don’t exercise, you’re going to put on extra weight, and before long walking up stairs takes more effort.

So what happens when you consume too many unhealthy things in your mind? Well, your mind becomes sluggish, and your mind doesn’t have the clarity and motivation it needs to perform optimally.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a gradual decline. But one day, you feel down and can’t shake it.

Maybe you feel bad for a couple days, and visit the doctor who prescribes medication for the symptoms. They might help for a while, but chances are you’ll be back to the doctor again.

We treat the symptoms but never get to the root cause, so the behaviors, thoughts and feelings never go away.

What is the Solution to Unsticking Your Mind?

Becoming mentally fit is not a quick fix. Just like the athlete knows, they need to train for months to achieve their desired results.

Overcoming bad habits, repeated thought patterns, and rewiring your mind takes time and effort.

We’ve developed a training program for your mind that takes you from identifying problems and root causes and eliminating stumbling blocks.

Some of these roots can be ingrained limiting beliefs going back to childhood.

Just like a personal trainer at the gym would train you, this program will push you out your comfort zones, provide tools for consistency, and keep you accountable so you achieve more.

We also look at the spiritual issues that could be blocking your blessings.

We are made as a spirit, body and soul and our soul (the mind, will and emotions) is often neglected.

We might treat the symptoms in the body, but ignore the spirit and emotions or vice versa.

This program addresses the entire being for optimal wholeness and wellness.

Who is this for?

The Steps to Success

Maybe you’re tried traditional methods like therapy, courses, medication, or exercise. Maybe they have helped to a degree, but you still feel stuck and frustrated.

This program is designed to help you unstick your mind, identify root causes, and help you put into practice healthy habits and learned mental skills.

Many students feel like their eyes were open to things that needed to change.

Instead of focusing on your pain, your past, or things that had a negative impact on your life; we work on developing a future focus.

We use your experiences as fuel to thrust you into becoming self compassionate, stronger and more positive minded.

Removing negative thought patterns will allow you to work within a healthier mindset framework to help you envision, process information and formulate your thoughts.

You're in the Right Place if...

If this sounds like you then I invite you to join…

Unstick Your Mind

Lasting Success Isn’t a Quick Fix...

It’s about resetting your inner software, ditching old programming and habits that don’t serve you.

It’s about moving past feeling paralyzed by failure, setbacks and confusion.

It’s about going deep into the corners of your brain and flipping on the switch to your success.

It’s about unlocking the hidden potential you know is already there, but could never access.

It’s about you having more breakthroughs and less breakdowns.

It’s about going from confusion to crystal clear clarity.

It’s about you finally getting out of your own way!

When is it Time to Work With a Mindset Coach?

This Mindset program is designed to help you overcome adversity, challenges and obstacles so you envision a future and focus on accomplishing your goals!

"Knowing I had a story to tell and a purpose, I had a lot of things bogging me down. Mimika has helped me go through the transformation in a very short period of time. It's been astronomical and quick. My whole appearance and countenance has changed! I went from a size 22 to 14 from lifting the emotional baggage. She has helped me tremendously and I'm forever grateful. She is great at bringing out the best in you!"

"I needed help embracing the season that I'm in, and getting unstuck. It was very helpful to meet with her and have accountability to grow into who God has made me to be. Even though I have clinical training, it's helpful to have someone else to point out your blind spots. I would recommend Mimika and appreciate her working with me!"

Unstick Your Mind is an excellent life changing experience! Mimika asks the right questions! She is transparent, real, and super personable. You feel known, honored, and coached. Yet, you experience God's open-heart, soul surgery all at the same time. The process facilitates an experience that causes you to discover the roots of your current life situations, patterns, and mindsets. It assists with setting action steps that cause you to experience real mind and life change. Mimika is full of wisdom, personal life transformation stories, and a get it done, we're all in this together, positivity that causes you to rise up, discover who you are, and take an active role in becoming who God has created you to be!

I was at a low point in my life and new something needed to change. I learned so much from this class and from Mimika. It was a wonderful experience that opened my eyes to so many things I'd been missing about my own mind. I think my biggest issues have been spiritual so the focus on the Bible and the Christian base to a lot of the material was really helpful. Fear has been a huge part of my life for so long, and it was tied to lack of faith, and really having a backwards mindset about what God wants for me. While I've realized I've been making a lot of mistakes, I really appreciate the emphasis on forgiving (especially oneself) and moving forward positively. I also really needed the messages about loving myself, which is a life-long issue for me. My favorite part surprised me: it was the weekly Q&A sessions. I didn't expect to enjoy that, but I did. I think it helped that it was a small group, which felt safer and more intimate. Getting to talk to fellow students was incredibly helpful and allowed us to really get into the materials provided. The most important thing to come out of me taking the program is getting my faith back, because without my faith I wouldn't be able to be okay with it. Thank you for everything you do. I can't adequately express how much the mindset program has meant to me. I'm starting to feel like me again!

You’re on the cusp of making the decision to grow and leverage your personal potential!

It's up to YOU to Decide...

Our most successful students have this in common: They make decisions quickly. Decision making is hard, but going back and forth in your mind is truly unproductive. Time allows the thoughts of the mind and the desires of the heart to become more and more blurred.

Did you know that it only takes 5 seconds to know in your gut what it is that you want? Second guessing and “doing your due diligence” is just a disguise for not trusting yourself.

The time we spend in indecision is usually spent talking ourselves out of what it is that we really want to do. Weighing up too many options results in inactivity and staying stuck, because a confused mind always says no!

The students who have the BIGGEST results in my program are the ones who jump on board as soon as they feel drawn in. So stop asking yourself whether or not you should invest in the Unstick Your Mind. That is not the real question…

THESE are the REAL Questions:

  • Will you choose to trust yourself?

  • Will you promise yourself to show up, implement, and apply what you learn?

  • Will you listen to your hopes instead of your fears?

Your Only Decision Is This...

Do you want to stay where you are right now, or do you want to test your limits to see what is possible, which will require a level of discomfort?

Unstick Your Mind is a unique experience where you will get high level coaching to achieve your goals, and a supportive community to help you grow, make connections, and thrive.

Are you ready to Unstick Your Mind?

We look forward to helping you unlock your potential & achieve mindset mastery!