This is why...

This is why those feelings of frustration have continued for years…

This is why you repeat bad habits and behaviors that keep you on a hamster wheel…

This is why your dreams seem out of reach…

This is why you feel like you’re living on the treadmill of expectations and can never get off…

This is why your driven to exhaustion and find it hard to relax…

This is why it feels like your emotions are a boomerang that brings you back to square one…

Our Approach

Our approach is to empower you to break out of societal boxes. In this safe space , we make it our highest priority to respect your privacy, and create an atmosphere of trust.

This is a safe place for you to let your guard down while feeling empowered to take big action.

No other program infuses essential biblical truths, prayer and activations along with high level neuroscience strategies and personal coaching.

Together, we will redesign your own self concept by aligning who you truly are, with God’s purpose for you life, and not what the world expects from you.

Lasting Success Isn’t A Quick Fix...

It’s about resetting your inner software, ditching old programming and habits that don’t serve you.

It’s about moving past feeling paralyzed by failure, setbacks and confusion.

It’s about going deep into the corners of your brain and flipping on the switch to your success.

It’s about unlocking the hidden potential you know is already there, but could never access.

It’s about you having more breakthroughs and less breakdowns.

It’s about going from confusion to crystal clear clarity.

It’s about you finally getting out of your own way!

How It Works

When you become a student, you get exclusive access to our signature 12 step structured program “Unstick Your Mind” (TM) to kick start your growth. Download the tools and workbook to work through each section with actionable items to help you achieve results. Follow the weekly schedule and access the video lessons in your own time. 

When you become a student you get lifetime access to the video content and future upgrades.

You will have the option to join a small accountability Growth Group (this is an additional cost). Benefit from support, accountability and coaching during 12 weeks with a Success Coach as you following the curriculum within a group.

We will empower you to master your mindset and provide thought provoking discussions and prayer. Make it a powerful part of your weekly routine and see results fast!

When you become a student you get exclusive lifetime access to our private community so you can connect and collaborate with other students. This is where valuable friendships and partnerships are formed.

We believe in community and collaboration, which is why this program isn’t just about learning from one person. It’s about having access to some of the greatest minds in the industry to help you reach your goals. We curate advisors, influencers and thought leaders to match the group’s needs.

We truly believe in lifelong learning which is why we continue to add to, up level and improve the content on a regular basis.

The Program includes:

  1. Lifetime access to our signature video program in the member vault and future upgrades.
  2. Exclusive access to our Private Member-only Community Group that has a mobile App for easy access.
  3. Interviews with Industry Experts and Thought Leaders as an added bonus.
  4. Extra coaching opportunities, and exclusive discounts to special events, merchandise and retreats.

How it works

This program is about engagement and taking action. We ditch the procrastination and excuses. We hold you accountable so you can see tangible results.

The way we work is intuitive and Holy Spirit led. By trusting this process, together we will work to up level your mindset in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

By digging deep into your why and purpose, we will uncover what makes you uniquely equipped to fulfill it.

This approach will:

Our Signature Modules:

Achieve These Skills...

The Key Benefits & Results Your Will Get...

When Is It Time To Work With A Mindset Coach?

This Mindset program is designed to help you overcome adversity, challenges and obstacles so you envision a future and focus on accomplishing your goals!

What We Do Differently

What makes this program different is we take a different approach to mental wellness. Our program is designed to teach you how to unlock your full potential. We achieve this by training you how to rewire your mind to help you be the very best version of yourself.

Your need for stability and certainty may be what’s keeping you from progressing. Setting goals and never hitting them can make you feel worse. Instead of focusing on set goals, we focus on growth and trusting the process. Athlete trains their body to get fit, but many of us neglect to train the mind.

Together we will train and rewire your mind to function at it’s prime. Mental fitness, wellness and wholeness is our goal.

Our Methodology Includes

We have a defined method that will take you through the process or rewiring your brain and retraining your thought patterns:

Not for everyone...

This program is not for everyone. Be prepared to be pushed out your comfort zone and stretched past your existing boxes. Our direct but loving, and “no nonsense” approach will ensure excuses are not permitted to stop you from taking action. You will enlarge your tent pegs, grow your influence and build your strength of character by putting in the hard work.

Christian Philosophies & Principles

During your coaching and trainings we will be applying Biblical truths and concepts, and the power of the name of Jesus. The content taught includes the Bible as a reference and teaching point. We tie scientific research and neuroscience facts with faith based truths. We apply Christian Theophostic Ministry or Inner Healing Principles and visualization techniques.

What we are NOT

We do not subscribe to, teach or endorse eastern philosophies like yoga, crystal healing, or any forms of witchcraft or magic. We do not prescribe to energy healing, hypnosis, seances, or unscriptural meditation practices. Our teachings are based in the bible with proof to back up our approach, along with scientific research on the mind.

Here is how we help you crush your goals and realize your God-given dreams!

You’re Ready When...

Consider this program “personal training for your brain!”


Unstick your Mind Masters class is an excellent life changing experience! Mimika asks the right questions! She is transparent, real, and super personable. You feel known, honored, and coached. Yet, you experience God's open-heart, soul surgery all at the same time. Mimika facilitates an experience that causes you to discover the roots of your current life situations, patterns, and mindsets. She assists with setting action steps that cause you to experience real mind and life change. Mimika is full of wisdom, personal life transformation stories, and a get it done, we're all in this together, positivity that causes you to rise up, discover who you are, and take an active role in becoming who God has created you to be!

I was at a low point in my life and new something needed to change. I learned so much from this class and from Mimika. It was a wonderful experience that opened my eyes to so many things I'd been missing about my own mind. I think my biggest issues have been spiritual so the focus on the Bible and the Christian base to a lot of the material was really helpful. Fear has been a huge part of my life for so long, and it was tied to lack of faith, and really having a backwards mindset about what God wants for me. While I've realized I've been making a lot of mistakes, I really appreciate the emphasis on forgiving (especially oneself) and moving forward positively. I also really needed the messages about loving myself, which is a life-long issue for me. My favorite part surprised me: it was the weekly Q&A sessions. I didn't expect to enjoy that, but I did. I think it helped that it was a small group, which felt safer and more intimate. Getting to talk to Mimika and my fellow students was incredibly helpful and allowed us to really get into the materials provided. The most important thing to come out of me taking the Mindset Masterclass is getting my faith back, because without my faith I wouldn't be able to be okay with it. Thank you for everything you do. I can't adequately express how much the Mindset class has meant to me. I'm starting to feel like me again!

You’re on the cusp of making the decision to grow and leverage your personal potential!

You’re Ready When...

This Is Not For You If…

The Difference Between Coaching & Therapy

Our method is designed to help you to solve a problem with a consultative forward thinking approach. We don’t focus on your past like a therapist does, and we are not equipped to handle trauma support. Instead, we ask questions, we challenge you, and we hold your feet to the fire so you take action to get the results you desire. Our coaches are trauma informed and will gladly refer you to a licensed psychologist or therapist if needed.

Please note:  Any and all recommendations should not be considered medical or psychiatric advice. Coaching is not therapy and cannot be treated as psychotherapy nor provide diagnoses.

Are You Ready?