Lead a Group

At Unstick Your Mind we believe in the importance of accountability and support to see real change. We need enthusiastic supporters to help 5-10 like-minded students journey through our 12 week program. 

Support the movement

We all need community so we don’t journey alone. Facilitate a small group of like-minded believers on the same journey, and provide help and support so they can see real growth.

Our certified Success coaches are facilitators who are passionate about connecting like-minded believers by leading honest conversations about topics relevant to Christian mindset.

Our program is meant to be consumed in community with the support of a study buddy, friend, coach or at a church.

We are looking for leaders who will step up and guide believers in a small group through our 12 step video based program.

Does this sound like you?

Leading your cohort you will join 3-10 like-minded Christians in a small group for 12 weeks of accountability calls or meetups (online or offline). We provide the curriculum, workbooks and Q&A’s so you only need to follow the weekly prompts to ignite the conversation.

During these meetups you will discuss what it means to master your mindset, so students can get unstuck to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

The program features video training and workbook exercises, and each student is encouraged to work through the videos inside the member portal.

Your vital role is to guide your cohort through the weekly prompts to facilitate learning, and provide support and accountability to keep momentum going.

After the 12 weeks you can choose to start a new group or do another round with your students. The key is to keep meeting regularly to keep the conversation going

what makes a good facilitator?

Our Success Coaches are facilitators who have several things in common:

  • They are passionate about seeing others get unstuck and grow,
  • They are big believers in the power of mindset to change lives,
  • They are on fire to share how God is the answer to life’s struggles,
  • They are on a mission to pay it forward and help spread the mission.


If you are passionate about connecting like-minded believers, you like leading honest conversations about topics relevant to Christian mindset, and you’re interested in following a proven system; this if for you!

Interested in becoming a certified Success Coach?
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Become an ambassador

We’re on a mission to train and equip one million believers with mindset tools so they can step into their purpose and fulfill their life calling!

Unstick Your Mind is a global movement dedicating to equipping and training Christians to overcome mental blocks and step into their God-given life purpose and calling.

We have a BIG vision and mission to impact ONE MILLION believers, and we can’t do that without boots on the ground.

We need help leading the charge and paving the way in every home, church and community. That’s why we’re looking for Church and Groups Ambassadors.

Ambassadors have the opportunity to empower churches to serve believers by launching ongoing communities of Unstick Your Mind (TM) globally.

A key focus for an ambassador is to network, connect, and empower believers in local churches, to start groups and disciple believers through ongoing community and groups.

The 3 Key areas are:

  • RECRUIT: You thrive in the role of networker and you have a natural gift for connecting people in the community. You like to inspire others with the vision, and encourage  others to start a group in their church or connecting with pastors.
  • LAUNCH: The goal is to launch a group in your city or church to follow the 12 week Foundation Course, with the goal of seeding groups to meet regularly afterwards.
  • MEET: Stay connected with the Unstick Your Mind team for support and to maintain alignment with the vision. This includes twice a year training calls with staff. This is a chance to learn more about all the new content we are developing for groups to use and implement in their communities.

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